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Professional full garment care

What is Professional Garment Care and why is it Essential?


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. We take it seriously that you permit us the privilege of caring for your garments so that you always make a good first impression.

You may be surprised that keeping your clothes looking good is a lot more than one process. In fact, we employ a number of specialized techniques to give a “like new” appearance to your garments.

Professional Garment Care can be broken down into two categories. Laundering and Wet Cleaning




Professional laundering for shirts and other washable items is a process we use to keep your

garments looking their best. We use precise, specialized detergents, additives and finishes setting

our care apart from everyday home laundering. Because of our expertise and the care we take, our

laundering process enables us to produce consistently high quality washable garments, including

shirts with collars and cuffs that are as clean and bright as they can be along with a crisp smooth



Wet Cleaning (otherwise known as Dry Cleaning)


Wet cleaning (green cleansing) refers to method of professional laundering that, in contrast to

traditional dry cleaning, avoids the use of chemical solvents. This is a method of garment cleaning,

utilizing a gentle washing machine program, specialized biodegradable soaps and conditioners, and

various types of pressing and re-shaping equipment.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wet cleaning is the safest professional

method of garment cleaning. It does not use hazardous chemicals, it does not generate hazardous

waste, nor does the process create air pollution and it reduces the potential for water and soil

contamination. The specialized detergents and conditioner used in the wet clean process are milder

than home laundry products. All of the products are disposed of down the drain and easily handled

by the local waste water treatment facility.


Finishing Equipment


Whether your garments are laundered or wet washed the most important part of the process is the finishing. We have a variety of finishing equipment and we have recently upgrading to the

latest European finishing equipment. We also have high quality, commercial steam irons along with heated/vacuum iron boards which give a high quality professional finish.

We also have roll ironers for finishing bed and table linen.

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